We feel that these are important, quality tools that can improve anyones lifestyle. 

We have not been paid to advertise any of these products and simply wish to share knowledge.

As we discover new things we will continue to share them with you.

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Water Distiller 

This is the Mega Home Water Distiller and it has really changed the way we think about what we put into our bodies. After seeing the residue left behind from tap water we try not to drink anything other than distilled water. We believe it's the purest water to drink.

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Ninja Kitchen!

Packing in Nutritious Goodness has never been easier. Smoothies are delicious, quick and easy. We've had many blenders and are very impressed with the power, efficiency and price of the Nutri Ninja, which is just as good as a Vitamix but is roughly  1/3rd of the price.

You can use 'WARMAN10' to get a discount across all orders from Ninja Kitchen.

Also feel free to check out a review we did for them whilst on Tour with Kula Shaker.

Righton guitar Straps

Check out these guitar straps. They have so many Vegan options to choose from and we love them! We are currently using the Cork ones and highly recommend them. Their Mojo Range is very extensive so definitely check them out!

Jade Yoga


For a discount on some of the finest yoga mats on the planet feel free to use ≈